Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Neutering - Yes, it does sound like a horror movie.

I've meant to tell a little funny story about Jon Stewart and his snip-snip trip for a while. He got through it just fine, unlike his life companion Stephen Colbert's spaying. (Yes, I have the gender/operation correct. Boy Name + Female dog = You're caught up.) Stephen managed to chew her stitches out on Thanksgiving day, bleed all over my MIL's carpet, and cost $1000 in emergency (holiday) vet bills.

Why is it that boy dogs take 4 days to recover and the girls take 2 weeks? Even in animal recovery the female gets the bum deal. Well, the boys don't have it so hot either.....

Anyway, Buzzkill thankfully did not have reservations about Jon getting snip-snipped. I remembered my mother having to wait until my father was on a business trip to sneak the male cat to the vet for his, ummm, procedure. I don't think my father knows even now that the cat died "gender-neutral."

Jon was dropped off early morning and picked up late afternoon. While I was checking him out, the office assistant asked me if I wanted to spend an extra $8 for pain meds for him. She misconstrued the confused look on my face as an aversion for spending extra and assured me they weren't necessary. My confused look was because I didn't know I hadn't already asked for them. My response to her was, "We SURE DO want them. It's a firm rule in our house. If your testicles get removed, you get pain medication!"

When I told Buzzkill about the above exchange, he wavered between relief that I understood the importance of limiting male genital pain and fear that there was some reason for us to keep it an official "house rule."


Ann said...

LOL about the "official house rule" - HAHAHA!

Jessica Newell said...

So happy to see little Jon's smiling face on your blog this morning. :) Hope you're all doing well!

Mandy said...


hopefully our household will be using that "house rule" in the next few months;)

HotMommy said...

Jessica - I used your photo of the little man. It's still one of my favorites because it's one of the only ones I have where he's sitting still!

Mandy - Just make sure you buy a cone. Ha!

Miss Tinselly said...

I just happened upon you blog, and this entry made me laugh out loud and disturb my own buzzkill's sleep.
**Trying to laugh quietly now about your dogs names and your dad's business trip. I can't even say the words "snip" or "Procedure" around my husband without him wincing.