Saturday, May 30, 2009

On the Precipice

I'm 31 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. I know for most folks that still feels like there is a hefty chunk of time to go, but this was the day in the Punkinhead's pregnancy that she was born so to me it feels like time has flown by. Tomorrow I will be pregnant longer than ever previously. I'm very much looking forward to having the next 48 days go by uneventfully.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Posting Easter Pictures Late

This pregnancy is kicking my butt - 10 weeks to go, though. So that's the reason it's taken me so long to post anything. Buzzkill, HotMommy, and Punkinhead started a new tradition this year of going to the Arboretum on Good Friday. The flowers were beautiful and the weather glorious. The Punkinhead loved running around the grounds in her pretty Easter dress and white patent leather shoes. She did manage to destroy her tights with her excessive climbing. Awesome family day!