Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Follow up to the key flushing

Remember how Buzzkill couldn't find his spare set during Friday's key flushing incident?

Well, they just turned up in the Punkinhead's sock drawer. Really.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Punkinhead’s Challenge of the Day

We had an appointment this morning at Sweet & Sassy for the Punkinhead to get some swoopy side bangs; they’ll hopefully prevent the horrendous knots we’ve been battling every day.

Before her haircut, she needed a diaper change so we darted into the restroom to take care of business. Punkinhead had grabbed my keys – standard practice and no big deal, but today....she flushed them down the toilet while I was getting a diaper out of her backpack!

That’s right. They went right down the drain. I don’t have a big “janitor’s” ring of keys, so the heavy duty public flusher sucked them down super fast. I tried for about 10 minutes to plunge them out but no luck. They were gone, baby gone.

Buzzkill was called at work and asked to grab his spare set to the minivan at home and bring them to the hair salon ASAP.

Unfortunately, Buzzkill was unable to locate the spare set, so he called the dealership and was told if he had the VIN number, they could cut him a new key in about 10 minutes to pick up.

Punkinhead and I moved on to Stride Rite to pick out some white dress shoes for Easter.

Buzzkill called to let me know it was going to be a little bit longer than he thought because the dealership forgot to tell him to bring the minivan’s title, so they’d have to look it up for him before they could cut the key.

Punkinhead and HotMommy next visited Gymboree where the Punkinhead watched TV and HotMommy spent a little more money.

Cut to Buzzkill’s next update call. With the downpour of rain, the highways were taking him longer than he anticipated.

Punkinhead and HotMommy decided to stop in to Build-A-Bear to get a birthday gift for one of our friends. Punkinhead also managed to “borrow” a Sharpie from the front counter and drew a goatee on her chin. Well, at least it wasn’t a Hitler mustache .

So, two hours after the initial flushing incident, Buzzkill makes it to the shopping center and we’re able to gain access to the minivan. Punkinhead dismisses her daddy with a “bye-bye, close peas.” (Translation: See ya, close the door now.) She promptly falls into a deep slumber and HotMommy gratefully drives home.

I think Buzzkill and I met her challenge handily. Mission accomplished!