Friday, October 9, 2009

Punkinhead Verbage

The more her ability to string a sentence together grows, the funnier the Punkinhead gets!

She's learning when to use contractions like can't, won't, don't - she's a toddler and different ways to say no are important to her. She has not learned when to use them in quite the correct context; mixing up don't and can't most often. The following quote is a good example.

(Watching the new Nick Jr. show The Fresh Beat Band) "I can't like this show." Although Buzzkill and HotMommy also feel mentally incapable of watching this show, we believe she meant to say "I don't like this show."

Punkinhead is officially enamoured with her daddy. "Mommy, look at Daddy. He's so beautiful!"

She's gotten very good at listening to the things adults say and adapting the language for her toddler world. Apparently I often sigh and say how I really need something (nap, sleep, margarita) because upon biting into a Halloween cookie the other day, we got this gem: "(Sigh) I needed this good cookie so much!"

I'm also having to deal with those moments where she says something that is just wrong but all I'm trying to do is not bust out laughing before I give her an attitude adjustment. Today when I asked her to give me a flashlight she was carrying around, she replied, "No, I don't share." And I'm really sure she got the "don't" applied to the sentence correctly this time.