Saturday, February 5, 2011

In my opinion, Walmart is anti-mother and therefore, unAmerican.

I know there are all kinds of global economic reasons not to shop at Walmart, but I'm not going to discuss that in this blog. I have a simple premise to discuss. Because Walmart treats the average mother with disrespect when she is attempting to make ends meet or make the most of her money, Walmart is unAmerican and should be boycotted.

Walmart brags about it's price matching policy, but it's not a convenience or a benefit to me if EVERY TIME I try to price match an item, the cashier argues with me and forces a manager to come over. And even then, the majority of the time my price match is rejected.

It seems to be Walmart policy to reject every coupon presented and then make a hard working mother have to fight to have each one approved. It seems like you get called a coupon defrauder the second you hand over coupons.

The hidden cost of shopping at Walmart is the stress you endure fighting and arguing for their "great prices." And that's just too big a cost for me to pay.

Walmart, I will never shop you again. You are anti-mother and unAmerican.