Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wedding Dress Quasi-Tag

Not actually a tag, but a blog friend wrote about hers because a friend did and back and back, and now voila I'm thinking about mine.

We got married half-way across the country from where I lived, so to make the alteration process easier on me, I bought it where I lived, flying my mother and my grandmother's check out to me. Buzzkill's mom joined us for a day of shopping.

We had an appointment with a snooty Dallas shop that I now know caters mostly to snooty Highland Park debs. We got out of there toot sweet (yes, I actually know how it's spelled in French).

We found this quaint little place of Routh Street and I tried on everything they had in store in my size. I wanted to get it THAT DAY and not have it ordered. I get paranoid and didn't want to buy I dress I hadn't seen in person.

I was facing away from the big mirror and as I slipped my arms into the sleeves, the fabric fluttering against my skin, I thought, "This is the one." I turned around to face the mirror and what I saw was nothing less than everything I never knew I wanted. It was totally perfect. I capped off the day with a giant glass of white wine. Trust me, I needed it.

I'm pretty sure it preserved in a closet at my folks house for future archaeologists to study and display in a Natural History Museum under "Middle Class Ritual Coupling Attire."

Monday, June 23, 2008

Blog titles I liked this week

They all spoke to me in one way or another. The titles, not always the blog entries when I read them.....

Suck it up and go to the pool
Bootcamp, Day 13 & 14 -- Sleeping In
Urgent Apparently Has Different Meanings For Different People
Mosquitoes, please have mercy
It’s Because I’m Psychotic. I Mean, Psychic.
Flag Cake Smackdown
Because I’m immature.
Baby showers are fun!
I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
Find a Safe Laundry Detergent without a PhD in Chemistry

Summer is a time for reruns

My ol' myspace blog readers will recognize this tale from my marriage, but frankly, it's funny and bears rereading. Plus, sometimes I'm just lazy.

Buzzkill and I discovered a key component in maintaining martial accord towards the beginning of our marriage: Our home MUST be a two Tivo household! My Tivo once went kaput and suddenly every night was a battle.

We had to lay down some ground rules for what got recorded on the only working Tivo. We actually wrote the rules down, signed it, and discussed having it notarized. We finally agreed not to drag the legal process into it and just trust that we would follow the rules self-governed.

Rule 1: If you could get someone to record a show for you, your choice lost out. Rule 2: If you can buy the entire season of a show on DVD in the near future, your choice lost out.

This went on for a month before my replacement Tivo arrived. (And the villagers rejoiced. Yeah!)

Among the benefits of a two Tivo home, Buzzkill can record Gossip Girl (his O.C. replacement) on his Tivo and the Bachelorette only gets recorded on mine! But stangely, The Soup, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report must be recorded on each one or we both get fussy.

VBS workers of the world unite!

This blog is awesome....that's all I can write. Please enjoy it.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


This word seems to pop up more and more frequently in my day-to-day life as a reaction to things that completely shock me. Comments friends get from family, scoldings from a stranger at a religious event, it goes on and on....

Today's was two for the price of one. I did my weekly grocery shopping at my FAVORITE super store (no sarcasm, I love it) and while passing the group of slacking sample-offerers at the frozen foods area, I overheard the engrossing topic that kept them from their jobs. How much pot they smoked and how much they wished it was legal. Okay, moving on.

As I unload my items for check out, I ask if an item being bag is one that I was rung up for because it was definitely NOT one I had selected. This question apparently hits the "non-English speaking immigrants should be deported" button in my cashier's brain because she launched into a diatribe the likes of which you don't even hear on AM radio.

So, seriously???? I'm not even going to say what my opinions are on these subjects, but you'd think a national chain would have a policy that controversial topics are not to be discussed with customers to reduce the risk you alienate those patronizing your establishment.

I know that when I worked at one of the "big two" bookstore chains, during the 2004 election, the only political statement I could make to customers was that it is important to vote. I had to be familiar with both sides of an issue so that I could make book recommendations once a customer expressed an opinion, but even if I shared that opinion I couldn't have that discussion in the store.

I can let the stoned sample-offerers pass 'cause they were talking amongst themselves (although I don't think I'll sample whatever they might be offering), but the cashier lady just shocked me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HotMommy's doing a mediocre job skimming the pool

It's summertime and HOT, HOT, HOT! We're in the pool nearly every day. Montana, Montana's cousin (HotMommy is mulling over her nom de plume still) and their mommies are joining us lots. All the daddies join in on "Pool Night."

I think we also need to post a rule - "No cannonballs by Dads!" I'm tired of having to refill the pool after one!

Little Love Bug!

Yummy raft!

Punkinhead has found a toypedo..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

One year ago today.....

And now, a word from the Punkinhead:
Most girls think their daddies are much nicer than the rest.
But I know something they don't know - my daddy is the best!
Happy Father's Day! Love you always!

HotMommy has some words too:
Sometimes in a special moment when we're talking or laughing or I'm watching you being a caring father, something makes me see you as if for the first time - and I realize again all the wonderful reasons why I fell in love with you!

(Words reprinted from Buzzkill's Father's Day cards. You can buy some really deep, emotional cards at the Dollar Tree, no?)

The Punkinhead loves to hang with friends.

Who knew a 1-year-old could have so many friends? The Punkinhead was born during a girlie baby boom. There are a couple of dudes in her gang, but for the most part, it's all chicas!

Her oldest friend (ie the friend she's had the longest) is Miss Montana and Miss Montana's mommy is HotMommy's drinking buddy, uh, I mean Vacation Bible School co-teacher and go-to in any situation friend. What would we do without them?

And now we have their aunt/sister and cousin/niece to hang out with too! Girls, I promise at least ONE morning this summer, Punkinhead and I will join you for walking!

PS - Forgive me for snaking the photo. It was simply irresistible...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bye Tim...

You weren't consider just a journalist in our home, but a friend.

We'll miss you.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Buzzkill causes thrill. Now chill.

So maybe I had to threaten his life. And maybe he had to work non-stop for 4 days in his non-job hours. I also may have withheld sex until it was complete (and believe me what there is is precious to him).

But he DID it! And before the Punkinhead's second first birthday party on Saturday! (It was awesome, pics to come.) He built us a new entertainment center based on the gianourmous display we saw at Ikea. And ours is bigger than that one.

My hubby totally rocks. He deserves sex. But I think he just wants to sleep now. And yes, he is plotting for the 42 in. flat screen to replace the current tv.

So now, gentle readers view below what my strong, masculine husband creates with his 2 hands and an L-shaped Swedish tool thingy......