Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer is a time for reruns

My ol' myspace blog readers will recognize this tale from my marriage, but frankly, it's funny and bears rereading. Plus, sometimes I'm just lazy.

Buzzkill and I discovered a key component in maintaining martial accord towards the beginning of our marriage: Our home MUST be a two Tivo household! My Tivo once went kaput and suddenly every night was a battle.

We had to lay down some ground rules for what got recorded on the only working Tivo. We actually wrote the rules down, signed it, and discussed having it notarized. We finally agreed not to drag the legal process into it and just trust that we would follow the rules self-governed.

Rule 1: If you could get someone to record a show for you, your choice lost out. Rule 2: If you can buy the entire season of a show on DVD in the near future, your choice lost out.

This went on for a month before my replacement Tivo arrived. (And the villagers rejoiced. Yeah!)

Among the benefits of a two Tivo home, Buzzkill can record Gossip Girl (his O.C. replacement) on his Tivo and the Bachelorette only gets recorded on mine! But stangely, The Soup, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report must be recorded on each one or we both get fussy.

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Mandy said...

we got our first dvr in january and really I dont know how we lived without for so long -- collin wants thomas? zap its RIGHT THERE -no fighting with DVD's !!!!

my only problem is that I am not allowed to delete ANY mythbusters no matter how times he has seen the same episode