Sunday, June 8, 2008

Buzzkill causes thrill. Now chill.

So maybe I had to threaten his life. And maybe he had to work non-stop for 4 days in his non-job hours. I also may have withheld sex until it was complete (and believe me what there is is precious to him).

But he DID it! And before the Punkinhead's second first birthday party on Saturday! (It was awesome, pics to come.) He built us a new entertainment center based on the gianourmous display we saw at Ikea. And ours is bigger than that one.

My hubby totally rocks. He deserves sex. But I think he just wants to sleep now. And yes, he is plotting for the 42 in. flat screen to replace the current tv.

So now, gentle readers view below what my strong, masculine husband creates with his 2 hands and an L-shaped Swedish tool thingy......

1 comment:

Mandy said...

totally get the 42 inch flat screen HD - totally worth it -- TOTALLY and BEFORE football season starts ;)