Saturday, June 21, 2008


This word seems to pop up more and more frequently in my day-to-day life as a reaction to things that completely shock me. Comments friends get from family, scoldings from a stranger at a religious event, it goes on and on....

Today's was two for the price of one. I did my weekly grocery shopping at my FAVORITE super store (no sarcasm, I love it) and while passing the group of slacking sample-offerers at the frozen foods area, I overheard the engrossing topic that kept them from their jobs. How much pot they smoked and how much they wished it was legal. Okay, moving on.

As I unload my items for check out, I ask if an item being bag is one that I was rung up for because it was definitely NOT one I had selected. This question apparently hits the "non-English speaking immigrants should be deported" button in my cashier's brain because she launched into a diatribe the likes of which you don't even hear on AM radio.

So, seriously???? I'm not even going to say what my opinions are on these subjects, but you'd think a national chain would have a policy that controversial topics are not to be discussed with customers to reduce the risk you alienate those patronizing your establishment.

I know that when I worked at one of the "big two" bookstore chains, during the 2004 election, the only political statement I could make to customers was that it is important to vote. I had to be familiar with both sides of an issue so that I could make book recommendations once a customer expressed an opinion, but even if I shared that opinion I couldn't have that discussion in the store.

I can let the stoned sample-offerers pass 'cause they were talking amongst themselves (although I don't think I'll sample whatever they might be offering), but the cashier lady just shocked me.

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Mandy said...

SERIOUSLY .... your idea for putting pumpkinheads cake picture with the thank you cards -- SMART and cute - she's on our fridge!!! I smile at her everytime I get a beer - I mean juice box for collin;)