Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I was denied membership

to my regional Freecycle. Who knew a group that I want to offer stuff free to is so picky about its members?

Apparently, you have to join a neighborhood (your city) Freecycle before you can join the regional. But there isn't a Freecycle for my particular city, so what's a girl with stuff she doesn't need to do? Another yard sale? But this time just put up a sign that says, "if you can haul or carry it out of my yard, have at it?"


Momma said...

that is really strange. you would think that they would be ok with letting people in if the have a whole pile of stuff they wanted to get rid of. you should just start your own group! :o)

Mandy said...

I didnt know you had to join ... we just bring stuff to goodwill or have the vets come and pick stuff up .... what about a group in a neighboring city?

HotMommy said...

I wanted to join Freecycle because some moms I know got some great toys for their kids free there and I really like the idea that I have stuff that someone else needs and other folks have stuff I need and we all come together to in harmony Kum Bah Ya.

Plus Goodwill just sucks whenever I call them. Unhelpful people that seem annoyed I'm asking them questions.

Apparently, Freecycle will let you join if you don't have a neighborhood group. It just wasn't very clearly put in the instructions how to do that. I emailed the coordinator(?) about how to submit my request in the proper format. So we'll see if a get rejected this time.

Mandy said...

I have heard many other people complaining about goodwill too, perhaps I should stop bringing stuff to them ... I like your "Kum Bah ya" point ... hopefully they will let you in!!!!