Thursday, August 14, 2008

MDO Prep

The Punkinhead is starting Mother's Day Out (MDO) next month and I've spent a big portion of the day calculating what she needs to be prepared. You know, enough play clothes, the right size bag, something for her lunch/snacks/etc. to be carried in. It's her back-to-school list.

I'm so overwhelmed to realize that she ALREADY HAS nearly everything she needs because of all the generous first birthday gifts from friends and family!!!!!!

These wonderful items include, an adorable insulated lunch box monogrammed with her name from our neighbors from the Roswell days, a perfectly sized NAME BRAND backpack monogrammed with her name from close friends from our high school days, and a butt load of cute clothes from cousins, aunts, friends.

As much as I love, oh no, wait....HATE to shop, it's such a relief to have these things all done. We have the best friends and family EVER!

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Mandy said...

you'd better get a picture of her at the front door on her first day with that AWESOME backpack she has;)