Monday, March 10, 2008

Shot update

We're officially denied coverage for her March shot.

It looks like the CDC is saying for April no one needs a shot because this RSV season is ending early. Since we don't have to worry about coverage for an April shot, we're going to bite the bullet and pay for March.

We could quarantine on principle, but then I might go insane before the end of March, and really it's about what the Punkinhead needs more than anything.

She should get it tomorrow. Health"care" sucks. Pardon my language.


Mandy said...

will the dr put you on some kind of payment plan or something to help with the expense?

I was just about to comment on the other blog to ask what the latest was with it all;)

HotMommy said...

We keep an emergency fund and some of the grandparents are helping out. We're lucky - I feel really bad for all the other parents that don't have the resources we have.

Mandy said...


this is why we work hard, educate ourselves, etc .. to have the means to take care ourselves!!!

I hope little Brooke is doing well, I have a box to send her from Collin ... I will let you know when I actually get it to the Post Office!!