Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unusual baby toy?

I....was....so....bored....by....American.....Idol.....tonight. It would have been much more enjoyable to watch some of the Tivoed Jon & Kate Plus Eights I have saved up. Thanks to everyone that suggested I would like that show. Kate cracks me up - her sense of humor is so dry. And y'all, what up with Beth & Bob's zebra print carpet in the house hunting episode?

Since I referenced Tivo above, just wanted to mention that Punkinhead has her own Tivo remote now. Seriously.

For some reason she thinks our Tivo remote is amazing. It doesn't beep or flash or rattle but when we use it she demands we hand it over. I don't want her putting the germy thing in her mouth or more importantly, changing the channel.

We have an old Tivo remote that doesn't work so I took the batteries out of it and every time she throws a tantrum when Buzzkill and I use the real remote, I hand her the non-working one. Cries and howls cease immediately. Plus I can disinfect it like her other toys.

She insisted on taking it to the crib for her afternoon nap today. My daughter has a remote for a lovey.....if Buzzkill needed more proof she's his, I think we have it.

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Mandy said...

we did the same thing with old cell phones!! gotta love it.

oh and Idol was BORING .. geez, and this is suppose to be the 'best season ever"

I honestly dont care who gets kicked off tonight ... well, thats not true, there are a few of them that can go!!!!!