Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At last

Punkinhead got her Synagis shot yesterday, but not without one last major obstacle. I'll start at where the saga left off though.

Buzzkill had read on The Consumerist that our insurance company had a department called Consumer Advocate that works outside the normal channels of approval and can work quickly too. He called the number and explained the entire situation, got a call back 10 minutes later that we'd been approved, and by Monday morning had a letter confirming all the details for our doctor. Yeah!

We faxed the letter to our doctor so we can get our appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon and here's where the last hurdle occurred. The only technician trained to give Synagis is ON VACATION for the week! They can't give her an injection until next Monday!!!!! I mean, the whole point of why we fought so hard was to get her shot in a specific time frame and if we wait until next week, I have to quarantine through March anyway.

HotMommy has a small breakdown and called Buzzkill, who in a wonderful, manly, take-charge manner (this manner is only welcome when I'm emotionally overwhelmed) says he's going to take care of everything and not to worry. He called the company that makes Synagis and found out which doctors they supply had the medicine on hand and then started making phone calls to see who could give her an appointment Monday afternoon.

Once he got Punkinhead's appointment (4 p.m. second to last of the day), he came home from work early, drove us over, and was there for emotional support during the appointment. HotMommy has one special hubby!

Thanks to all for supporting us during this crisis. I'm so glad it's over and Punkinhead is safe and protected.