Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Car Seat!

Punkinhead's Papaw & Gigi (HotMommy's parents) have generously offered to buy the needed new carseat for Punkinhead's birthday as we near the 12 month, 20 lbs limit on her current car seat. This will be her forward facing debut and HotMommy loves the pattern on it. And the pattern name is the same name that's on Punkinhead's birth certificate! How perfect is that? We were going to get the "Cowmooflage," but decided that anything with black on it would get too hot in Texas summer (thanks Kel).

1 comment:

Mandy said...

I remember how much easier it was when we finally put Collin foward facing ..
we were rebels and did it at 10 months (dont tell the mommy cops ... you'd think collin should be dead.. but he had been walking for a month at this point so we figured it was fine

anyway, I love the pink .. too cute!! -- I cant believe she's almost a year old already!!!!