Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'll go all 15 rounds if that's what it takes.

The latest on the Syngais saga....

Apparently, I've misunderstood the cost of this shot. It's about $1,100 a DOSE not a shot and Punkinhead is now getting THREE doses based on her weight. If we pay out of pocket that's $3,300!!!!!!

So lets add up what the cost would have been if we'd had to pay for all her doses October-February. $11,000

We were referred to a group that is run by the Synagis makers that helps people get the medicines their doctors tell them they need when the insurance companies say no. This group can really help put pressure on the insurance company and has helped our doctors billing office realize that the insurance coordinator won't return their calls because if they stall long enough, it will be too late for her shot to be effective and they won't have to pay. They gave them advice on how to get around the local representative that's stone-walling. Buzzkill and I also got some helpful tips. We went to Buzzkill's benefits person at work and explained what's happening so she can put pressure on the insurance company. Buzzkill's employeer is the insurance company's "real client" and they're much more worried about the company's business than they are about our individual complaints.

We've also been told by this helpful group that despite what the insurance company's local rep has told the doctor, our insurance company is paying for Synagis injections for March ALL OVER the state because our RSV season is longer!

HotMommy is determined this health"care" company is going to pay what they're supposed to! (Rocky theme plays in the background of my mind)

Keep those positive thoughts and purposeful prayers coming. They're greatly appreciated......

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Becky said...

Ugh! What a nightmare! Keep us updated.