Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mother Daughter Photos

We were able to connect with lots of Georgia friends and it was so special that so many of us are moms now. And moms with daughters! Sons are cool too, but sometimes it's got to be about us chicas!

Mama B and little Miss B were a hit with Punkinhead!

Mama V and her fairy princess. FYI Mama V is looking fantabulous after giving birth to those beautiful boys at the beginning of the month!

Can you say "mini-me?" These girls look just like their mommies, IMO.


Valerie said...

I love all the mommy/daughter pictures! And I love that I got to see you, Buzzkill, and especially the Punkinhead! :-) I wish we lived closer; I had so much fun the other night!

Mandy said...

you see - NOW what would you have done if we made it???? me and my SON????? HA HA HA boys have cooties

you and all the girls (young and old) are great;)