Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Georgia trip, special church day & special family

We went to church at HotMommy's parents' church on Sunday. Mamaw joined us and since she just turned 98, one of the ministers read a brief history of her life and the entire service sang happy birthday to her. My dad and I cried a little, but happy tears. It was amazing getting to meet so many folks that prayed for the Punkinhead and so special to worship together as FOUR generations.

As a side note, Buzzkll and I ran into one of our high school coaches/teachers and I got to reconnect with a neighborhood friend from childhood.

That evening after HotMommy's "traditional" family Sunday lunch at the Red Lobster, Buzzkill and I took Punkinhead to meet his great uncle and great aunt. Such a fun visit and such a sweet, loving couple.


Mandy said...

must know who you ran into from rhs!!!

HotMommy said...

Coach MacFarland - apparently his family knew my grandmother's family back in the day. He didn't remember Buzzkill, but he SURE remembered Buzzkill's bro!