Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Georgia historic home tour

They're not a part of any history but ours - the homes we grew up in! Buzzkill had two stops. The house near Oglethorpe and the Brookfield house. I just had the one stop in North Point.

Buzzkill's first neighborhood is slowing being torn down and rebuilt with giant McMansions. His street seemed okay though.

The next visit was to his home in Brookfield. Lots of memories in this neighborhood including our wedding reception at the country club. Buzzkill's folks recently sold it since the last of the kids is finally grown and moved out. Just too much room for two people. But we stopped for Buzzkill to say goodbye to it.

The last home tour stop was at the house I grew up in. It had changed a little (particularly the color!), but all the lush landscaping felt so familiar right down to the honeysuckle smell.

If you don't already know, Punkinhead's middle name belonged to my friend that grew up next door to me. She passed away when I was 18. Age wise I was right between her and her younger sister and we three played all the time growing up. Their family is my second family and they still live in the same house, so I was over the moon to introduce Punkinhead to her Auntie S.W. on our home visit!

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Mandy said...

that is great tour for me too since I spent sooo much time at the Brookfield Thomas house and in your old neighborhood except at Dave and Jim's houses!!!!