Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Georgia trip, party time!

Punkinhead's first first birthday party (no mistake on the repeat - she's having a Texas party too) was a blast! My dad and Buzzkill got the picnic area near the gazebo by the barn cleaned up (ie removing pine cones, "fluffing" pine straw, other pine related activities).

We had so many friends and family there to celebrate the little princess' - as her Gigi calls her - first wonderful year. It was a great cook-out with a terrific cake and TONS of gifts.

I had so many parties out at The Farm as a kid. Now it's named a fancy smancy name - Wildberry Creek Farm. Pretty, huh?

We were worried that rain would start before the hayride, but it was fine and we took a loop around the pasture driven by Papaw's new (Auburn) orange tractor my cousin got him a sweet deal on. Anyway, I'll save you a thousand words and just post some pictures.

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Mandy said...

awesome!!! cant wait to see pics from the 2nd 1st birthday party!!!