Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Attention procrastinators!

So you haven't order your holiday cards yet? Good for you! This Kodak deal is rewarding you for taking your sweet time.

I, myself, have already ordered this year's holiday cards. Okay, I did it last Friday, and they haven't even been delivered yet. I decided to go ahead and get some more cards with this deal because I always find that there are folks not on my official list that I get cards from and need to add last minute.

I found this deal at another great "frugal" site Money Saving Methods . Her site's great and I'm going to add it to the frugal blog list to the right for y'all to check out.

So, the deal:

You can get THREE sets (30 photo cards total) for free! Plus, you get 75 4x6 prints free for registering with Kodak Gallery. You have to use the 75 prints within a month, but still, score..

I'm reprinting Carrie's instructions here, but you can also follow the link above to her original post.

* Click here to register with Kodak Gallery. Your 75 Free Prints will show up as a credit on your account. You ONLY have 1 month to use them. So, don't delay and lose those prints.

* Upload your holiday photo and create 30 cards (3 sets) Your quantity should show 3.

* Enter code tryus3

* Enter code 20freecards

You will have to pay shipping/handling, but it comes to a little over $3.(HotMommy paid $3.48)

Carrie also has instructions on how to save on shipping by having the cards sent to CVS. I personally thought spending the $3.48 to have them sent right to me was totally worth it.

The cost of the cards is pretty decent if you want to order more than 30 cards too.

No word on when this deal ends.....get busy!

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