Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I forgot Tuesday Trade day

It was the Punkinhead's first day at Mother's Day Out and for the first time in maybe six weeks I couldn't swing the energy to cook so Buzzkill was sent out to fetch a Little Cesaer's pizza. After making my own crust and having lots of yummy toppings I combine lately, the takeout pizza tasted like cardboard and horrible dry cheese.

So no new delightful recipe to share. But I did like Auntie M's drink recipe. Here's what I mix up when I'm screaming War Eagle! on the sofa. And okay, whenever an SEC game is on period.

Currantly Absolut Zero

Sprite Zero (Diet Sprite - has to be because it has a sweeter flavor needed for the drink)

Currant Absolut vodka


Highball glass - or iced tea class

Fill the glass with ice. Pour in 2-3 fingers of the vodka. Fill up the remaining space in the glass with Sprite Zero. Stir and drink.

You can make this with plain Absolut vodka but then it's just an Absolut Zero!

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