Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Contest, contest, contest

One of my favorite frugal blogs is running a contest in conjunction with the new season of Lipstick Jungle. The Punkinhead and HotMommy love Brooke Shields.

Go enter the contest and check out the blog: Penny Pinching Parent

Penny Pinching Parent lists the diaper and formula deals every Sunday all in one convenient blog post. They always have a link to it on their front page too.


HeatherLow said...

Hey girl. I had to tell you. I got a call from that Walgreen's and the manager apologized for NOT taking the internet printables. He said that they were told not to take them and now they're being told they can take them. Woohoo!!! How was your hair appointment?

HeatherLow said...

Girl, we're sharing a brain:) oh wait, maybe that's not such a good thing...I like the maybe we were twins separated at birth line better :)

Mandy said...

when does lipstick jungle restart???