Friday, February 22, 2008

Yum, puffed vegetable things and pureed turkey. Is this like Thanksgiving?

We got the go-ahead at Punkinhead's 9-month check-up to give her more solid foods. She'd been given rice cereal and pureed vegies & fruits, but her doc said she was good to go on pureed meats, Cheerios, those dissolving puffed vegies & fruits and we can also do oatmeal and barley cereals.

Me being me, I set up color-coded notecards (oh, I love me some notecards) that have a meal time and meal "receipe" for each of her feedings.

Mornings: She still gets a formula-only feeding but I upped her to 10 oz. from 8 oz. She definately is more settled after her morning nap now. She'll play happily instead of screaming immediately for me to feed her right that second.

Mid-morning: She does a rice cereal, fruit serving with a follow-up bottle. I'm going to start trying the oatmeal cereal at this feeding as well.

Mid-afternon: I do the meat and a vegie serving along with rice cereal here. She gets a follow-up bottle too. Once I know for sure that she's not allergic to oatmeal, I'll change the rice cereal here to barley cereal.
Evening: Punkinhead gets rice cereal and a fruit & vegie serving along with, you guessed it, a follow-up bottle.

She gets some puffs or Cheerios to play around with on her tray at the 3 solids feedings. It helps her practice her pincer moves, but she really doesn't get any nutrition from it.

We all really love the whole process now - can't ya tell?


K and J's mom said...

Hey there! Saw your comment on my blog, so I checked out your's. Very sweet little girl you've got there! My daughter LOVED those puffed veggie/fruit things. Lord, I remember thinking we should buy them in bulk!!!

Mandy said...

is she on stricter dietary stuff b/c she was a premie???