Monday, February 25, 2008

There Will Be Poop

I know there are those of you that can't stand the topic of poop, but in our household it's a big topic de jeur. It fascinates me to the extent that up till now I only believed people with weird fetishes were capable of. We discuss the color and size and shape and smell. What solid foods cause the different color, size, etc. Our blow-out to regular movement ratio has increased exponentially and luckily, mostly on Buzzkill's watch. I feel like one of those doctors in The Last Emperor or in The Madness of King George inspecting the royal movement - I guess Punkinhead is our little princess.

On the developmental front, Punkinhead revealed to us last night during the Oscars......her first tooth! It's just barely pushed through the gum on her bottom front right, but it is most definitely a tooth and sharp too! As soon as it's all the way out I'll take a picture.

She's also clapping now. It's really sweet to watch. Basically she slaps one palm down onto her other, but HotMommy is going to claim this as one in the developmental win column.

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Mandy said...

I am sooooooo very ver very ready to not have to deal with my offsprings fecal mattter on a daily basis... and I have to say his worse ones are after he eats way to many peanuts... not fun!!!