Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Milk envy

Watching 19 Kids and Counting the other day (Josie Duggar Sisterhood episode) amazed me with it segment about how much milk the mom pumps. Thinking back to the Punkinhead's preemie days - my pumping days - and how little I produced, I was amazed by how blessed baby Josie is to have so much breast milk ready for her. 18 bottles a day pumping!!!!! They had a full deep freeze ready to go for her.

When Beanie had a blocked tear duct, I was told that an eye wash with breast milk often helps to clear it. My milk was long gone by this time, but a friend of mine generously gave me 2 oz of her own pumped milk. After I left her house, I pulled over to the side of the road and cried with gratitude. For her it was a small amount, but 2 oz in one session was the most I was ever able to pump for the Punkinhead so for me it was more of a loving sacrifice than she'll ever know.

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