Friday, March 19, 2010

Yeah, I'm ticked.

The other night Buzzkill was using my laptop and mentioned off hand for me not to touch it for a while - he was upgrading it. Now the upgrading part seems quite thoughtful and I'm glad I have a husband that stays aware of those things, but here's the part that ticked me off: I'd been waiting all day to have time to update all the Vacation Bible Camp database info I'd been needing to input and he hadn't even taken a second to pause and ask me if it was a convenient time for me to not have access to my laptop. He definitely wouldn't do that to a co-worker and I consider this laptop my business computer. I do VBC, kids stuff consigning, couponing, research on how to temporarily fix a broken dishwasher, etc. This laptop is required for the modern day stay-at-home-mom. And if it's going to be unavailable to me, that needs to be scheduled for a time that I plan for.

Plus, here's the kicker. The upgrade totally wiped out all my regular settings to sites I completely trust and have for ages. I also had to reinstall software for dozens of sites I use to coupon and consign with. It's added hours today to do things I regularly complete in under an hour. And I don't have extra hours, so this is going to cause stress for days.

I need to let out my anger here. Unfortunately, I now feel like I just wasted time I could have used to repair the mess.


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