Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Photo Shoot at Walgreen's for 31 cents

I'm such a deal addict and man, Walgreen's knows how to get me to their store! On Friday, Walgreen's Photo is offering a 31 cent Halloween Photo Package, which includes:

* Photo CD with your child’s image
* Halloween Photo Greeting Card of your image

Punkinhead is dressing up as, what else, a pumpkin! Okay, technically, it's a Jack-O-Lantern costume. I know all the grandparents are going to want a pic, so I'm going to head over there right after we do our play group's photo at the Halloween event at our neighborhood Rec center. It's going to be a busy Halloween. We have such amazing friends and neighbors that make such a production out of Halloween. I can't wait to see what everyone dresses up as!

1 comment:

Mandy said...

cant wait to see the pics

I am sad that this year collins school is not letting them wear their costumes for halloween party day b/c too many parents complained that they were getting ruined before halloween:(