Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here is what I have to say about the Real Housewives of Atlanta....

based on it's preview tonight.

Atlanta may be about new money to YOU, but Atlanta is NOT about new money to anyone who's opinion matters. Yes, that makes me a bitch, but all I have to say about that is, "you're in my prayers y'all."

Next point: Your houses are tacky McMansions. If it's on less than ten acres, it's not an estate - it's just a big yard. And if your house is attached to another's not even a McMansion. It's a condo or townhouse.

Bless your over-reaching hearts, if you have to work so hard to look like ARE NOT IT. Kind of like that quasi-countess from New York. Even if she does have nice manners and plays tennis well. In Atlanta, you're just good for a donation. Heck, my family had the largest single family owned farm in Alpharetta and my grandfather was president of an institutional Buckhead business, but I don't have the gall to claim to be Atlanta society. There are standards and these housewives clearly don't cut it.

Bravo, maybe you should document the real thing. Or did the ones you approached first realize how tacky it is to be on a reality show? Must have...I can't think of any quality people that would appear on this show.

I do understand the groups in Orange County, New York, and Atlanta you've shown until now are very "good tv." But not good society. Not even nouveau riche - just nouveau unimportant.

Yes, I feel bitchy tonight.


Mandy said...

I didnt like it either.

None of them are even from atlanta.

The ONLY thing they said that was remotly the truth about Atlanta is that its "all about who you know" --which, really, is the truth everywhere... but even in Atlanta that doesnt make you part of society.

and PS who do you think the white girls "boyfriend" is???

Anonymous said...

I watched the preview of this show, and I was embarassed the entire time watching it! It is like a car accident on the side of the road - you do not want to look, but you cannot help yourself! I am from Atlanta too, and I want EVERYONE to know that these five idiots DO NOT represent people in Atlanta. I have never even heard of them. Also, what cracks me up is the boyfriend of the white woman named Big Daddy or something like that. He is probably married.