Sunday, April 20, 2008

Do you know what Punkinhead is looking at?

A very, very, very bad dog named Jon that help to make another embarrassing moment in HotMommy's life possible.

We've installed the baby gates in our great room and renamed it the great playpen since the Punkinhead crawls freely about in it. The dogs live in the kitchen and sunroom now with continuing access to the backyard through the doggy door. Our thought was that the dogs would only gain entrance to the great playpen when Buzzkill or I invited them through an open gate door. So, the gates would keep babies in; doggies out. Flawless plan, huh?

Except.......I was standing at the open front door with a neighbor, Punkinhead in her crib and the dogs supposedly behind the gates, when I feel a tiny dog (Jon) dart past my leg. I was totally shocked, but know I must catch him before he gets to the end of the block where he'll spot cars and be off after them.

I'm barefoot, in dirty sweat pants, spit-up covered tee, no makeup, uncombed hair, glasses, but glory, glory, I do have a bra on!

Now picture that sprinting down five front yards of moist grass yelling, "no, no, bad dog, Jon! Come here boy, bad Jon!" Yelling at the top of my lungs and I swear I've never seen so many people outside at 2 p.m. before. Everyone just stopped and looked at me chase Jon. Some people may have actually come outside just to watch.

I finally catch him after doing a hurdler's leap over a pile of poop. He's actually stopped to smell some poop when I get to him. Yuck. I scooped him up and then proceeded to do the "walk of shame" down the sidewalk back to my house. My neighbor thankfully closed the front door I forgot to close when I ran after Jon.

How did he get past the gate you ask? Well, he did a leap over the back of the sofa pushed up against the gate. I watched him do it again later in the day to get the remaining chicken sandwich from my TV tray. No running start or anything. He just sits and then springs up over it. He's less than a foot tall and apparently made of superballs. I'm talking about the bouncy toys, not his Cajones, but those are pretty big too if he thought it was okay to go investigating without a leash!

I'm always glad to give the neighbors a good show!


Jessica said...

Awww...he sounds ornery! I'm sorry. I was hoping to read he's been a model doggy. :) I hope he at least balances out his naughty side with a a sweet, loving side half of the time! -Jessica (Jon's captor)

Anonymous said...

That was awesome!

HotMommy said...

Jessica - he's such a sweet boy, the fear of losing him is really what propelled my mad, embarrassing yard sprint. Our family would NOT be complete without all his good natured highjinx.

He's learning fast though. I say "crate," and he runs to get in it. And receive a treat. I say "sit," and his butt meets the floor. And receive a treat.

Mandy said...

... me favorite part? the bra!!!