Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Butt Up

I seem to find the Punkinhead in this position when I go to wake her up from her nap. I think it looks tres comfortable.

She got it pushed up a little higher during this nap.


Mandy said...

Wait, wait..you wake her up????? I only ask that because any sleep Collin has ever given us has been a gift from god!!!!!! Plus, I think the best advice ever given in the world is "never wake a sleeping baby" :)

but while I am here .. is Brooke a pink girl or a purple girl? I need to know for the impending birthday gift purchase!!!!!

HotMommy said...

Yes, I have to wake her up from an afternoon nap or else she wouldn't go to bed at night until 1 am. She's on her way to maybe not needing the nap, but right now if she doesn't get some sleep between 3 and 6 pm then she's a little too bratty for the late afternoon/evening.

She's like risotto - you have to time her just right or she's tough to digest!

I'd say she's a pink girl but I dress her in a lot of purple since it's Chip's favorite color. Her room has pinks and greens if that helps.

Mandy said...

that makes sense (about the nap)

Collin NEEDS a nap but he wont take one so we have "quiet time" (read: I take a nap and Collin watches a movie quietly)

Present ordered - hopefully it will be there next week - I didnt have to many color choices so I hope you like it !!!!