Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ready and waiting.

During the last few months of pregnancy I've had all these milestones I felt I needed to get past before I felt ready for the new baby to arrive. Punkinhead's birthday party, Vacation Bible School week, a local news station's video shoot, the beginning of July so my push present is a ruby, my haircut today.....(I missed an appointment when the Punkinhead came early and I've never like how I looked in all the photos the month following her birth.)

And I realized this afternoon, she can come whenever she wants now. I feel ready. And my back hurts and it's too hot to be preggo in Texas anymore. Sure my folks have plane tickets for the Wednesday before her due date and my MIL is scheduled to be in Houston next week. And I know I should say, well, Friday is 36 weeks and it's really not safe for her to come before that, but in all honesty, I'm really ready. And she weighs over 6 lbs. I even packed my hospital bag this afternoon and made sure the fridge is full, and the dishes and laundry are done.

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