Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Girl Scout Cookie Time and how we now know Punkinhead isn't allergic to coconut

Before you read this next Punkinhead story, please keep in mind that (1) HotMommy has a massive sinus infection and (2) is 17 weeks pregnant. So I fall asleep ALL the time. Can't be helped.

Yesterday our large cookie order was delivered (refer to (2) above) and we opened up a box of Samoas. Samoas are the Girl Scout cookies at the top of our eating priority pyramid. We're big on coconut here. After a half box "sampling, " I closed up the box and left it on the coffee table.

Fast forward to this afternoon following Punkinhead's naptime. I stretched out on the sofa to nod off a little bit while Punkinhead played around me in the great room (or The Great Playpen since it's enclosed by baby gates).

I woke up to the sound of plastic rustling and sat up to discover the Punkinhead sitting on top of the coffee table, an open box of Samoas with two remaining in the tray, one cookie in each little sweaty hand, an entire cookie in her mouth, and chocolate smeared over her entire lower face. She had clearly consumed quite a few cookies before I woke up too. She looked at me with a look of total joy and said (after swallowing a whole cookie) simply, "MMMMmmmm!"

Yup, that says everything you need to say about Girl Scout cookie time.

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