Friday, January 23, 2009

New vehicle!!! Well, new to me anyway....

After 2 months of being a one car family, we finally found a used minivan that fit our needs at a price we were THRILLED at! Woot woot that we're also still a zero car payment family. It really eases the stress of a new baby on the way that we didn't need to take on a car payment to get a vehicle that works for us perfectly.

It's not my first choice in color, but during negotiations, every time the price dropped, I found that my attraction to the color increased. Interesting....I think Buzzkill was proud that a fuller wallet was more important to HotMommy than the color of the car. I also thought I wanted the 3 seat bench in the back row which this minivan didn't have. It has 2 individual seats, so instead of seating 7, it seats 6. But the more I think about it, the more I think this will work out to my benefit. Since the 2 seats need to be removed individually, I'll be able to lift them out myself, rather than need Buzzkill to lift a giant, heavy bench seat.

So, in conclusion, totally happy to be a suburban, minivan mom!


Mandy said...

wow .. its looks really nice!! congrats :)

soooo very jealous .. we are a two carpayment family and it sucks!!!!

crazy said...

I got my mini last year love it!!!!
and I only have 1 child, but lots of friend's kids.